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  Mango Creek Lodge had a couple of great people come to stay  with us and fish for a week. Kat and Hardy left behind the snowy east coast to walk our flats with the best guides Roatan has to offer.  They had a couple of cloudy days but primarily soaked up the warm sunshine of the island. Bone fish were caught everyday, permit were seen regularly and played hard to get as usual, even hooked up with some tarpon. I fully expect a Grand slam on their next visit.

  These two fine folks were fun vivacious people full of good energy and always smiling.

And as the picture above proves our fisherman come in all different shapes and sizes, and sometimes luring the fish with a bikini works. We loved having these two at Mango Creek. Great dinners, great fish stories, and excellent conversations everyday, I'm sure we'll be seeing these two back at the lodge soon.

 When are YOU out there going to visit paradise? Call us and make a reservation today, we'd love to have you.

     Mango Creek Lodge Attracts some of the best people. Of course everyone  wants to enjoy a tropical vacation, but many come wanting to contribute to the island as well.

    Matt and Julia came to visit Mango Creek, and over the course of several days managed to find dozens of kids playing soccer. That's pretty easy to find, but then the magic happened. They had brought down nearly a hundred brand new multi colored soccer jerseys to share with the kids. The joy and the smiles that followed was amazing. Real jerseys, with different colors, for dozens of kids, that leads to teams and soccer matches, and more importantly very big smiles and very happy children.

   We are very proud to have customers who not only want to relax and enjoy this beautiful island but also give something back. Every day here provides an opportunity to serve the community in some little way. Thanks to all of you for being part of a better community, and a better vacation destination.

A lot of the guests who visit Mango Creek Lodge come to see us form up north, not so for this fisherman. Mariano travelled from Argentina to chase the Permit. After a long bit of travel to get here we knew we couldn’t disappoint, the pressure was on. We paired Mariano up with one of our best guides Kessel who was up for a BIG week. As the photo shows the Permit were awesome, but that’s not all he caught, He ended up with 2 Permit, 4 Tarpon, and numerous Bone fish. Overall I would say the trip was a success. The weather was perfect and had fish on everyday, who could ask for more. NiIMG_0438 (1)ce job Mariano, cant wait to have you visit again next year, lets put together a Grand Slam.

The sun is shining the water is warm and clear, the food is fantastic, all that’s missing is you. Come see us at Mango Creek Lodge, find out what paradise is all about. Past where the sidewalk ends…. where adventure begins.

Cabana & bridge This last week we had a beautiful rain storm with a little wind and dark cloudy skies. Somehow Mango Creek Lodge still had sunshine and stood out as our perfect little slice of paradise . As the rains eased up and the dark skies blew by it was amazing to see just how bright and colourful our little world is after a little rinse. Come down and see us, maybe your day will be just as amazing.

Diving  Good question, how do you smile underwater? We had a great group of 10 fisherman come down for a week at Mango Creek, and a few of them decided to spend some time seeing the fish from under the water as well. Kevin did his first ever "discover dive" with our instructor Leif, and as we can see they are all smiles. The bigger question is how do you say "cheese" down there?  Many fish were caught, many more were chased, and a great group of family and friends had some great time together. Fishing, diving ,snorkelling, sailing.... They did it all and they even had time for a few cold beers. Big thanks to Chris for gathering together your family and friends and bringing them to Mango Creek Lodge, can't wait for your next trip down.

Happy Fisherman 2 Wonderful memories of Mango Creek Lodge. We really had a great time and were treated like royalty.

We were able to fish as much as we wanted (which was generally sunup until sundown!) and came back to the lodge for delicious food and an open bar with lots of cold beer. Especially memorable were a couple of nights on top of the boat house under the stars enjoying a cigar and rum concoction. The resort is very comfortable and is being revitalized at a rapid pace. The staff are extremely friendly and hardworking, check out the woodshop and their carver while you're there, beautiful work.

Happy Fisherman

Sterlin Wedding 073 Mango Creek Lodge is a beautiful setting for saying "I Do",  and we love helping make that happen. On June 26th we had the pleasure of  hosting  the wedding of Sterling and Cy.  Joined by about a dozen friends and loved ones, they had a small romantic sunset wedding  at the waters edge, followed by a reception dinner in our restaurant. With 6 over the water cabanas, we had plenty of room for everyone to stay for a few days and fully enjoy the whole experience. Our weddings here are small and simple, a little more casual , and much more romantic. It is with great love and respect that we host  the greatest day in a couples life. Cy and Sterling, thank you for letting Mango Creek be part of YOUR greatest day together. All of us here wish you the happiest of lives together, full of love for one another.

Norma FishMy birthday trip to Mango Creek was like an episode of Fantasy Island. I was picked up from the airport by my gracious host Doc, taken for a scenic drive of the island by car then by boat to this beautiful remote location where I met my second great host DD, they couldn't have made the trip any easier. My fishing guide and fly fish teacher was Joevy, a sweet respectable young man, a native of Roatan who really knows these waters. First day out I caught two bone fish, not bad for never having fly fished. Our trips out to fish were awesome, the water around the island with so many shades of clear blue hue, passing coastal towns, reefs, sunken ships and various sea life. The stars from my cabana unspoiled by city lights, listening to the sound of the ocean and feeling the breeze as you sleep, then waking to the view from your room is something you should experience yourself. The grounds are beautiful, good view from top the hill. The staff are great, the meals splendid, catered to my diet, they even cooked a red snapper I caught. The drinking water is the best around. The cabana was sweet, clean. It was a memorable experience. Thanks to Doc, DD and staff especially Joevy for a wonderful week. Norma , we loved having you here at Mango Creek Lodge, and thank you for sharing your birthday with us, it was good fun. Lots of fish out there waiting for your next trip to paradise, look forward to your return.  Doc and DD

Coconut DrinksOh what great week this was. So many wonderful people, all from somewhere different. Lots of stories to be shared, many adventures to be had, and as usual new friendships made.  No trip to the Caribbean can be complete without a coconut drink, and we aim to please. Not every coconut is full of Doc's famous Mai-Tai, one young man stayed true to his Coca-Cola, and a certain healthy individual preferred the wonderful coconut water itself. However a few of those funsters went for the real deal. It made for a great afternoon, full of picture taking and lively discussions, lots of smiles and laughter. Smiling right now it makes me realize just what a magical place Mango Creek Lodge really is, and just how wonderful our guests are, it is their story sharing, their adventure sharing, and the evenings of laughter that fill our home and our hearts. Thank you,all of you for helping us make paradise a reality.

DCIM100GOPROWe had a fun visit with Scott from Arkansas , here to fly fish the flats for Bonefish and Permit. I know this pictures isn't either one, but sometimes when a big jack takes the fly you just gotta play him in. Even if he breaks your rod. It put up a huge fight and Scott eventually had to bring him in by hand after the rod snapped.  That's  a hardcore fisherman right there, made for a great story and a great picture. Scott we look forward to your next trip down, thanks for spending your week here with us at Mango Creek