Fishing at Mango Creek Lodge
Mango Creek Lodge is proud to be Roatan’s premier saltwater flats fishing destination.
Tarpon Here you can fish for: Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon , and Snook.

Roatan fishing offers a unique combination of plentiful, healthy flats beneath a backdrop of lush, mountainous terrain, and Mango Creek Lodge is ideally situated to take advantage of both. Located in secluded Port Royal on Roatan’s East End, Mango Creek Lodge is close to Roatan’s most productive flats for fishing for Bonefishing and Permit. In fact, our Breakfast Flats are visible from our front door. Just a short 60 second boat ride away or a 10 minute kayak, if staying at our resort.

We offer daily guided fly fishing and spin fishing on the turtle grass flats of Roatan’s East End as well as the nearby islands of Morat and Barbaretta. Mango Creek Lodge’s primary targets are the saltwater “grand slam” species: bonefish, permit, and tarpon. However, while here, you can also try your luck fishing Roatan for barracuda, jacks, and snook. Spin fishermen will also enjoy the opportunity while fishing Roatan, to cast at numerous species in the East End’s harbors and mangrove canals.

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Mango Creek Lodge tailors its fishing days around your schedule. You are free to fish at your leisure between sunrise and sunset. Our experienced, local, English-speaking guides are at your service throughout your stay and are happy to coach you if you are new to fishing Roatan.

Mango Creek Lodge is dedicated to preserving the health of Roatan’s flats.

We are working with local communities to develop environmental education campaigns and have made progress in our efforts to eliminate illegal netting, all to make fishing Roatan better. In addition, to minimize pressure and ensure the continued success of our operations, we limit ourselves to four skiffs (or eight anglers) fishing Roatan on the flats each day. We can put any number of other fishing Roatan guests out in more boats when not on the flats.

Learn more about saltwater flats fishing at Roatan’s Mango Creek Lodge by exploring the links below. For even more information about Roatan’s fishing conditions and what kind of gear to bring, see Mango Creek Fishing Guide.

For our guides, we use only local guides.  Mango Creek Lodge is proud of our commitment to the local economy. Unlike others on the Island we do not believe that foreigners should be taking local jobs and guiding is one of the only bright spots for income on these Islands.

Our guides NEVER yell at you, let me say that again, our guides NEVER yell at you while fishing Roatan. This lets me put anyone with any of my guides and I never worry about guests not getting along with our guides.

Image (left) furnished by “Brett Schreckengost” photography


Perry is one of the best guides anywhere and has a lot of people saying that. He has been fishing Roatan’s East End for many years, both fly fishing and spin fishing. He and all our guides fish exclusively for Mango Creek Lodge. Perry goes beyond guiding, I have seen him make people catch fish. Ask anyone who has fished with Perry and they might mention that hand, that quietly reaches over to stop you lifting that rod tip, instead of strip setting the fish.


Kessel, Perry’s brother has been fishing almost as long. He has one of those dry English types of humor, and you can easily be the brunt of it without even noticing while fishing Roatan. Later when it comes around again you will catch it and the game is on. It is not uncommon to hear laughter coming in a steady stream from Kessel’s boat.


Joevy, our youngest guide shows that we will have a great future. What Joevy lacks in experience he makes up for in enthusiasm. When the fishing is off Joevy gets going, he is never down, he is spectacular at both fly & spin fishing. Fishing Roatan is a changing game, what worked yesterday might not work today and vice- versa. That is when Joevy shines his brightest.

Fishing Groups

Fishing Roatan’s flats and reefs from Mango Creek Lodge is restricted to small groups. I am often asked why? The reason we restrict the number of people on the flats at any given time is because of the nature of the fish. When fishing Roatan, almost always, Bonefish are nervous, they are on the bottom of the food chain, sharks, barracuda, even osprey feed on Bonefish. Bonefish choose to feed up in shallow water where they can be seen so to survive they need to be shy and fast, boy are they fast. They are also not dumb, they see when people are around and they don’t like it so a constant visit by people to their flats puts them off. We then, to ensure a great fishing experience for our guests while fishing Roatan and Mango Creek never let more than four boats out fishing for bonefish on the flats. When you come here, you will see this in action. Even the four guides try not to hit the same flats on the same day, again to lessen the impact of fishing.



Fishing Roatan requires a special boat. We have tried Flats Boats while fishing Roatan and they are great but WET, very Wet! They are ideally suited to Florida and the canals and flats inland where there is very little in wave action. While fishing Roatan we have tried them all and we are sticking to the Panga design. This tried and true long narrow boat keeps you dry so you are comfortable. Dry in our four to six foot seas going from one area to the next out at sea. They give a nice solid feel when standing on the casting deck.


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Mango Creek Lodge Fishing Reports

Want to know the latest fishing news at Mango Creek Lodge? What’s biting? How’s the weather? Check out our blog to find out what’s happening!

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