About Mango Creek Lodge

Mango Creek Lodge owners
Janie and Autie McVicker

Contact Mango Creek Lodge

Info@mangocreeklodge.com  We will respond as quickly as possible with answers to any questions.

Phone  (If you are in the US)

(303) 647-9605
This is a Skype Phone, if there is no answer please leave a message so we will call you back. You may even send a Text Message and we will quickly respond.

Phone (If you are in Honduras)

(your countries international access code) (504)-8916-8704
Leave a message or talk to our Onsite Management Team, they may also be reached at: info@mangocreeklodge.com

Owner Contact#

Autie and Janie McVicker are the owners of Mango Creek Lodge. They look forward to receiving feedback, comments, or just a call to say hello. They can be reached in the US at 713-805-3374. Or you may spot them walking our beautiful grounds while you visit.

Country Codes

Country Code for Honduras is 504
To call Honduras, dial your
International Access Code + 504 + local number


From USA 011 + 504 + 891-687-04
From UK 00 + 504 + 891-687-04
From Hong Kong 001 + 504 + 891-687-04